browser rant

remi is angry about browsers... programming, nerd - 2021-12-29 19:50

damn remi really starting the site off strong with you just being angry :^^)))))))))))

hi! it’s remi here. by the time this website is up on the internet, it should be 2022 or so. internet explorer 6 is old enough to drink by now! and today, browsers are mostly compatible with each other, unlike the ~ good ol days ~, where all the browsers had diffrent capabilities for no reason. probably even worse before ie6, but like i was alive by then :^)
….. so… all the browsers are mostly compatible, right.
chrome, firefox, safari, and the 500 chrome reskins (kinza my beloved), more or less do the same things. Right ??????????
W r o n g
over the years of making my stupid websites, i’ve encountered Way Too Many silly things browsers do diffrently. the good news, is that they’re not too much of a bother, unless you’re the type like me, that cares wayyyyy toooo muchhhh about how things look.
for example, let’s name some weird things firefox does. (dont worry chrome and safari users, you’re not safe either)

…okay, that’s enough bashing firefox for now. mainly because i dont use firefox, and i dont know enough of it’s quirks :^) what about chrome, then?

okay then, what about safari?

…so yeah, browser support is still horrible.
it’s a quadrillion times better than it was in like… 1997, when netscape and internet explorer actively competed and had entirely diffrent featuresets, though…
and atleast we dont have to deal with whatever the heck an active-x is anymore…
(scoffs at chrome native client, which is thankfully dead by now)

you’re still here? ok, honorable mention goes out to icloud, which i’ve noticed disregards using html entirely, and just relies on canvas and a ton of javascript for half of it’s site. im not kidding. can you blame them though???