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n e r d s t u f f programming, nerd, image - 2021-12-30 19:50

thought i’d use this blog post as a place to collect some fun stuff i learned, or just thought was cool while making this site.

not being my first site (by like, A Lot), it’s not my first rodeo, so dont expect me to go “woah guys, did you know that HTML????”


star twinkle

so while making the lil tile bg gif thingy, the background twinkling was,…. Not Intended,, , , , At ALll,,,,,
but i mean what am i gonna do ????
complain?? no that looks super nice c:

dont know how it happened though. gif was made by just. get cool star image.png, put in gimp, abuse curves until the sky looked dark, make it smol 64x64, and then… Clone The Layer 35 Times, Apply Hue Rotate To All Of Them Manually (someone please tell me how to automate thigns in gif . , ,, PLEaeseEAESPLEASEPALESAPSEL)
remi died of not knowing how to use gimp properly

time passes


so anyway here’s the old bg gif



fun fact! as of writing, i still havent picked a font for the site yet. and just going “lol, pixel operator” feels like cheating… mainly because that font renders terribly in most browsers, anyway :^)

,,,like seriously, what’s with browsers failing to render pixel fonts properly half the time???

<insert your favourite example here I'm Too Lazy To Pull Up Pixel Operator Ok>



sike, this is actually a todo page at this point…

Things To Do: blog edition

[x] sidebar that has posts sorted by year n stuff
[x] maybe category too
[x] ok that’s like all i can think off
[x] <status> should probably have thigns like “page title”, “mood” (yes that’s real now), “categories” and “date”
[x] entirely replace <status> with a blog-specific header (woot!)


this site is my first experience with jekyll.

before this, for templating, i’ve mainly used php

but ,,, for whatever reason, i wanted to (mostly) have this site be static…
yeah, that’s a bit hard to avoid when the first thing you see on the home page is a dynamically updated thing that says whether im online or not :^)
but.. you know, I’ll Use Javascript To Get That After Loading The Static Page

…sooo, a static site builder it is!

sadly, the only one i’ve used before was next.js

…next.js wasnt too bad, but the fact that it has .js in it’s name terrifies me.
<- she hates javascript

so i tried jekyll! and it’s super nice! it gets out of your way and just does what i tel lit i Love It Here I’ll Keep Using This :) is my gf’s netlabel. though, i made the site for it! (including the stupid custom-made webshop…)
if you hit up that website, you may notice it has some similarities to this site…
(mainly in layouting lol)

this was purely by accident, no code has been taken from there, but… kinda funny :^)
as of writing, i think that site is more mobile friendly than this is, though…

custom html tags

so, out of “remi’s too cool for <div id="whatever">”, i’ve been using a bunch of custom html tags on this site.
things like. <page>, <blogheader>, and similar stuff…

guess who just found out you need a - in them, or else they’re all sorta.. uhh, invalid and illegal?

whoops… todo: fix that… (notably this will never be done)

spamming dots and crosses

my typing style involves spamming . . . . . . and , , , , , a lot
except, when you do that in one line with this font… (atleast in safari)

it appears kinda funny: ,.,.,..,,..,.,…..,,,,..,,,,.,.,.,.,.,

honestly, im gonna take this as a positive.

{{site.pages}} hell

so apparently, if you aren’t careful with {{site.pages}} in jekyll, you.. you might just.. end up importing your entire website.. into one page… which is pretty funny actually..

closing remarks

…we’re nearing the finish line. as of writing, it’s the 8th of january.
actually, i was at this point on the 6th, but yknow. Getting Proper Sleep, Studying For Uni, Taking Break, that kinda stuff?

anyways. two pages remain.

one of these are blocked as im too lazy to maintain two pages at once (jammers)
…and the other is just really, really big. actually the page itself isnt that big and i think i made that page on the 6th.. or atleast something close to it…

goods is gonna be a Fun One:tm: cause it’s just gonna be me writing about projects, or some.. yknow, cool stuff i found (that doesn’t really fit the blog)

also, i had this whole page i randomly got inspiration to make for it yesterday hwen i was going to sleep (at 3:30am)
and then one of my frens call me all like “heyyyyyyy im going home from a party can you stay on the phone in case idfk i get like robbed” and i just ,, Yea Ofc (i mean it’s no biggie, i can just make the page tomorrow lol)

…The One With The Terrible Memory (also known as remi) should not say “i can just make the page tomorrow” cause i hav eno idea what the page is ;- ;

but oh well. it’s fine, i’ll probably remember later :p

anyways, time to go write some stuff down. i’ve got like 11 of these planned anyways!!!!

actually, final-final thing before i get off to work again. having more than like, a day to make a site (yes, several of my older sites were made in 1-2 days) has really changed my attitude in some things. im not saying that this site has a ton more polish than some of my others, because,, uh… it doesnt. but getting to stick with your site as you’re making it, and incrementally change things, instead of “quick, make a new design in one day because im really bored tonight!!” like i’ve done in the past… is quite the diffrence. like say, if you click on something in the navbar, you’ll notice how there’s a lil shadow-box-thing under it. that wasn’t there for the first week of this sites existance, but imo it makes all the diffrence,, which is even funnier, considering that nobody other than me would know about it’s existance or absence otherwise :p