start the year off right

remi celebrates the new year, in the dumbest way possible? video, cozy, image - 2022-01-01 00:00

happy new year everyone! <3

1. starting the year off right

what do you mean these videos are supposed to be at midnight? i do what i want~ (...and i may or may not have been outside with my family at that point, lol)

2. credits roll: 2021

(or, remi lists off some things that made her happy this year)

3. new years resolutions!

i dont usually do these, or i just keep them to stupid dumb things,,, but this year is diffrent :>

4. small talk

right, the year is over... it's 2022 now. what? i'm supposed to have processed 2016 by now? huh?
yeah, im in the... "everything's been a blur for a while now, lol"-camp...

anyways... i welcome the new year! with uhh, a new site. that isnt up yet, as of writing ><
...and tests. help. i have 10 days to study, including today. oh god. CISCO I WILL i will cry mainly
...and uhhh, hope. because, i mean,,, It Can't Be Worse Than 2020 Deluxe Can It Now... and also, finally deciding to do some heck about myself, get the . mental a lil better yknow :>

but for now , i'll probably just relax... and study... get a nice nap in... play some etterna, idk...
honestly, just getting home was... at the same time, relaxing af since i can be proper alone, and hug pets again (i missed you , miniwa and shinobu!!!), but also... being at my moms house is very cozy. will miss that a bit too.
oh! i should go into vrchat... been a while, already. love that place.

anyways, enough rambling about stuff, remi out!

5. bonus

you boot up discord on a pc you havent been on in a while, and it just goes transforms into christmas lights

discord being christmas lights for some reason