the pilk experience

remi overanalyzes why she likes pilk totally not stolen from twitter, cooking - 2022-01-02 19:01

picture it’s 2015

young remi is browsing youtube, watching some nostalgic web surfing (oh god, i should rewatch that), some begiragons, and eventually stumbling across the simple cooking channel:tm:

there, she finds a recipe for .. soda ice cream? sounds sweet, right? TODO: EMBED THIS
(ironically, the original video was taken down… but atleast they reuploaded it, so it’s fine i guess?)

thus, she tried making SODA ICE CREAM
…actually, two of them. one with cola flavour, and one with sprite flavour.

since i dont have a video of me making stupid ice cream, i’ll just cut to the chase.
the cola one WAS HORRIBLE but actually, the sprite one was pretty darn good!
like.. go make the sprite one it’s not like it’s hard to lol-tier

…but, ok. so . cola one tasted like shit. because it was just cola mixed with milk. who would have thought that’d be tasting good?

fast forward to 2021

remi is browsing twitter, like she usually does…

* hey, what’s this pilk thing? haha, it’d be funny if i tried that though. gotta be a professional neco-arc simp :ok_hand:
(remi went to the grocery store like two days later, bought a pepsi max and a Mi- haha just kidding we have milk at home.)
actually i was at my moms place, we were celebrating christmas at liseberg, and i just bought a pepsi on the way home… and if my mom woulden’t have milk at home, something would be very wrong in the world. me, in my own house, not having milk.. not too uncommon :^)
* anyways, time to make some pilk!
(and thus remi mixed bepis max and milk, and uploaded it to youtube.)
* wait this is actually pretty good. it just tastes like chill pepsi.

…so, you may notice, pilk is kinda the same thing as the ice cream recipe above.

so why did i like it? NOSTALGIA (is the most reasonable answer i can come up with)

,,, who thoguht i’d jsut , .,. ,. ,. fucking gof!!! Yknow what i will like this disgusting thing because,, , ,,. ,. ,. IAM NOSTALgic,
dear god help me

anywa,,y,s,, here’s the vide o ,…,, of me drinkin ,, pilk

subsfcribe today

oh also my gf wants to try ORANGE JOE now so i guess we’ll be matchies
(it’s coffee and orange juice)