bestie, what's a sleep schedule?

remi lacks sleep... not really cozy, i need sleep - 2022-01-06 05:43

henlo,,,,,, ya’ll look at the itme it’s 5:43 and i should have been in bed by A LONG TIME AGO

this is somehow made worse by me sending a message to bestie where i said “oh yeah as long as my alarm wakes me up im totes up to playing vr with you at 7am
(and now im in a dilemma between “go to sleep for my own like,, Wellbeing” and “betray bestie” O hGODOOood)
except also like i barely care,,,
this whole website making thingy has been the most fun i’ve had in a while… and totally not (lie) the cause of me consistantly staying up until 3am … or later… every day recently…

but,,, well, it’s okay? uni hasn’t really kicked in yet.. so “being at school on time” isnt a concept i have to worry about.
actually, it usually never is, as … recently we haven’t been having anything but theoretical stuff (which has completely killed poor remis ability to uhh.. study whatsoever.., but that’s a rant for another day) so it’s not like we’ve needed to go to class anyway - we can just read the presentations at home later…
anyways, the tl;dr here is that i can totally go to sleep at 6am and wake up at 2pm without repurcussions uwu

(yes, i am going to use uwu, and nobody can stop me)

anyways, another ~ f u n ~ thing about being awake late is that my gf is up all the time
her sleep schedule is uhh…. wake up at 3am, go to sleep at 3pm. yet to this day have i understood why, and believe me, i’ve asked her a few times… not that it really matters.
annoying thing is that remi instincts are “ooh, she’s up at the time im gonna sleep at, time to go cuddle her <3”… and she’s like “wtf i woke up im not going back to bed idiot”,,, and i mean i cant argue with that but ;-; ,, so anyways uhh today in “remi apparently needs to turn nocturnal for ideal cuddling times”
but what u gonna do about it ig :p

update: it’s now 5:51, and a fren in a server im in has woken up. to go to school. mmh yes im feeling like a boomer round now

…the good news, is that i’ve forgotten why i started writing this in the first place, and outta nowhere, im starting to feel tired as fuck…
maybe it’s all the writing about sleep..? (that’d kinda make sense…)<br> wait hold up this is markdown (the joke is that you can use html tags in markdown but also god escaping things is easier in markdown than in html)

anyways im heading off to go sleep!!!! stream Wflytd Nightcore and sleep welll!!!!!!!!!! and sweet dreams!!!!!!! and good night!!!!!!!

so with Bestie (OH SHIT RIGHT SET AN ALRAM FUCKFUCKFUCK) i have this thing where i wish her good night i will . without fail say like two or three of those,,,, honestly i’d keep going with saying all of them but after doing it for like a year straight it’s starting to feel a lil awkward,,,,,,,,,,,, anyways normalize wishing your besties cozy sleep