Oh GOD i have a test tomorrow

pov: you are about to fail two tests help, image - 2022-01-10 20:24

h e y b e s t i e s it’s meee,,, remi (i am about to die tomorrow)

No like really though it’s me ya girl remi
im about to go outside shoppING FOR GROCERIES!!!!
in fact im about to go outside so badly half of this blog post is gonna be written in the notes app on my phone!!!!!!

anyways uhhh,,,,,,,,,,
oh hey look its the face of someone who wishes she was screaming rn
also welcome outside the stars are nice tonight and its a bit snowy

lets pray my gimp skillz are good enough for me to make this image look nice when i get back inside

(but you, the reader will be seeing the finished product, so maybe this sentence is stupid…)

(anyways so because the image takes up like half the page,, fun fact!! image formats are weird , sometimes . jpeg »» png by a longshot,,, sometimes .png = 22kb and .jpeg = 28kb after optimization,, sometimes you say fuck optimization, i want to look dithered af for no good reason whatsoever, and you tell gimp “here is 64 colors fuck you give me a png file” and then you cry because your page wont load quickly on a 2g connection, but it’s already atleast you look pretty)


ok, onto why im writing this in the first place
Schools back and its stressful >w<

so i study networking right,
usually that involves messing with routers and such, and learing tons from that
well my uni decided that for the second part of ccnp we will have none of that
.. which is because its kinda hard to do “labs” on the stuff we’re reading rn… cause the content is dense as heck and involves super expensive stuff we don’t have lol (oh also wifi which we should have equipment for but life said no ig)

what does this mean: for ccnp part 2 (idk cisco calls it something else, our school split the ccnp book into 3 parts) we’re having a theoretical-only exam, with like no labs. at all.
oh and did i mention the book is dense as FlufffFFF like ,
it’s near impossible to read lol,, and without any motivation from doing labs (which also, yknow, helps me to learn stuff)
my knowledge is basically only from the lectures i’ve attended because every time i try to open the book, i get stuck on the first page of the chapter, literally unable to read sentences, and then i give up

;- ;

all of this is sorta-ok, i guess. the rest of my class seems to be struggling aswell, so i think everyone’s gonna come together in a epic friendship moment and we’re all gonna figure out what we need to study specifically for the re-test (because nobody is gonna pass this on the first try considering we didn’t even have any old exams to prepare with,, why)

so anyways how’s your day been?

also googling “tagga omprov” (translates to “get hyped for the re-test”) just gives me like 200 old swedish blogs
why are blogs dead anyway,, like the only people i see using blogs are actually big companies using medium for their product laucnhes,,, (ok this is a big lie because if you go to my links you will prove me wrong in like 5 seconds but you get my point (the point is Fuck Social Media Like Facebook And Twitter Lmao))

ok im gonna go check up on my food, nya’ll take it easy uwu
stay in school kids, not really because schools great, but because society is formed around stuff like that and if you dont stay in you’re completely fucked ^-^