passing my tests

what the fuck? nvm we good, nerd - 2022-01-14 21:36

so by some Batshit Magic i managed to pass my tests

vibes i get are a) teacher showed mercy on us because on the harder test i got 45/64 (passing grade was… 45) and upon closer inspection i got full marks on a question where i obviously missed one part b) im in my triumph era
(yeah, googling “opposite of flop era” wasn’t very helpful..)

anyways !! i can finally rest,
Plot Twist I Can’t Because We Got An F On Me And Besties Assignment/paper/essay/whatever you call it
(for the dumbest fucking reason ever like ,,,, Bru h
Deadass “yeah uhh you need to write who did what. F”

(we both sat together every time we were working on it Therefore That’s Fucking Impossible To Deduce and we even said it to a teacher before turning it in… but oh well bestie emailed the teach who just said “yeah just put that on your essay and ur good lmfao” so we’ll still pass it, i just find this So DUmb)

ok no but really i can finally CHILL

last few days have been fucking miserable, and by that i mean Especially The Last Two Days and also in general days before my tests
like srsly i’ve been basically spending my time lying on the floor and worrying about everything imaginable, pretty much attempting to plan for Every Single Worst Case Scenario (“remi what’s the worst that can happen??” uhh well i could get evicted) and also crying for like 50 hours because im so worry that just, getting a dm just makes me panic and close every app on my laptop lmao

but like,,, now it’s just chill??? no more stress?? im going to a party with cool peeps from my school tomorrow?? (actually, that’s a lil scary but not nearly as scary as all this other crap i’ve just been through… and Unlike Tests there’s no repurcussion if i decide to just nope out last minute lulw)
so like.. we vibin for once.

Oh By The Way actually hilarious thing,,, SO
i was at besties place today right. we were studying in their home for the re-test. cause we were both expecting to BLATANTLY FAIL EVERYTHING
imagine the fucking vibes as they get a dm “lol test results are out go check them”, they go “lol stfu i gotta che- I PASSED” and im just Wha, what r u talking about 30 seconds pass I PASSED TOO and thus remi started screaiming LOUDLY also i scared the cat away from their lap. which was sad.
did you know bestie has a very fluffy cat ,, he went into my lap, curled up into a ball and fell asleep (and then, for some reason, while patting him, tried to eat my arm. i should not question this Oh Also The Fucker Got Cat Hair On My Laptop RUDE)

anyways enough of the school stuff

website updates have been feeling DED despite the fact that it’s been four days since i upped the website (remi r u ok)

like ok i’ve upped like two pages on the goods and they both feel bland as hell That Might Be Why i mean the pom page is just,, 100 images (or so)

god, guess i have some future site update plans: ADD MORE IMAGES AND PRETTY THINGS

i mean the official “remi’s site plans” look like:




note the rem1.2 where i make things fancy
so yeah that , Might Happen Soon

honetsly my just lack of ability to design PRETTY THINGS makes me sad like, , yeah i can design minimal fancy ass websites well (see: my old website that i refuse to link), and .. how this site looks like a combo of 2020 and 2010 at the same time,,,
but i mean,, the good news is that IM LEARNDING AND IMPROVE!! i think
i mean for gods sake i already have plans to improve stuff so , yKnow this post might have aged terribly in a year

also im planning to make the photobook page a lil more special than “here are 30 <img> lol” so , We Will See What Happens I HOpe I Wont Be Dumb xd

Oh Also i learned i can use webp now because . safari apparently got support for it (but it doesnt matter because properly optimized png > webp LOL) Anyways, , ,, ,


oH BY THE WAY I JUST FOUND OUT THEY MADE MORE DARIACORE AND A COLLAB ALBUM WHAT THE FUCK GO LISTEN RN (i mean this will be going in the jammers page but putting more than one song/album per day is illegal so i’ll have to wait til tomorrow/day after so in the meantime):

check this soundcloud YO

peAC OUT!! take it easy <3