r.i.p superior web solutions

[actually crying] help, shrine i guess, video - 2022-01-16 15:18

there used to be a website on the internet called

it was a web developement firm, so you’d think that they’d just be boring, and trying to advertise their stuff, which well… the latter part is right.

sws has a newer site, where they (atleast for like 2010 standards) are just that, a boring corporate site going “heY BUY OUR WEB SERVICE!! GOOD WEBSITE GUARANTEED” but honestly the websites here still look 5000% more interesting than todays average corporate wbesite,, which is probably just because This Site Is Old
but their older site,, was special. it was a flash-based site, filled to the brim with fluff. everything from christmas e-card makers, to a chat, to 16 little games (including one where you shoot the band N-SYNC for some reason???), to an e-shopping mall (i.e every vaporwave fans wet dream), to a ton of maximum-90’s-vibe design concepts.
Oh And You Bet Every Single Page Had Music And Wacky Sound Effects And Animations Everywhere

i cant really describe it too well, it’s only something that can be experienced.

so… you know how i said “oh i cant make shrines im too dumb for that” in my last blog post? well, i still am. but i can atleast dedicate a page to this, and throw in some ways to experience this page again, because holy heck - this was a huge loss (to me).
(elaborating further after the break)

option 1. and a browser with flash

this is the Objectively Best Way to experience this site, but it requires tech from the spooky ~ ancient times ~ also known as flash… OR THE RUFFLE ADDON :D

i’ll simply leave you with this link (cw), and if you have a browser with flash or ruffle installed… go nuts,
there’s so much to explore.

option 2. this youtube video i found

so… i’ve ran a few youtube channels throughout my year.
on one of these, around the beginning of 2021, i decided to make a video where i “archive” this entire website in video format… but that includes me commentating on it.

and that leads to this whole problem, where my voice sounded really bad until around june of 2021, since i was still doing vocal training around then, and my voice sounded very masc… something i should get around to doing again, but rn my voice sounds fem enough for me to not wanna die when hearing it lolxd!! (and the only way i managed to actually get any vocal training done was with a instructor, which i cant afford rn… but it’s fine, i still sound p good rn n_n)

so… to preserve my own sanity, i’ve muted the video. or well, less muted, more “replaced literally all audio with stock audio in youtubes audio library, cause that’s the only thing youtube lets me do…”

i’d argue a big part of the sws-experience is the music and sound effects, but if you can’t run flash no matter what, this is an alternative.
(oh btw, there’s a few other videos on youtube exploring sws, but as far as i know, mine is the only one exploring everything on the website. so feel free to look those up too!)

(please note the content warning in the video description!)


r.i.p to my beloved site.

i… don’t remember when i first found this site, but i remember it really fondly, to be honest.

memories go something like… flashback to 2014-2015. remi was at her grandmas place, and we’d just came there from visiting legoland in denmark (it turns out, denmark and my grandmas house (in sweden) are suprisingly close by).
remi was sitting in the room she always used to sit in, armed with her blackberry q10, gotoquiz, and this cozy irc chat she found. flash was still a “popular” thing at the time, and while html5 was starting to phase all of this out (because flash had a trillion security holes and wasnt ~ responsive ~ enough), it was still supported in android phones with enough messing about, and in my blackberry…
so you bet i liked to sit and flex my flash capabilities on everyone else, playing GTTTATINT and watching homestar⭐️runner on it… and then i manage to stumble upon sws while … i dont know? either i, or someone linked it in the irc. i think it was me, so that must mean i found it somewhere else. god knows where, i guess. maybe i was just searching for webhosts, and managed to find this?

anyways. had a blast exploring it the first time around, and thank the lord that my stupid phone ran flash :P
(if you try to go on sws without flash, you just get a boring landing page…)
plenty of laughs were shared around in irc cause of how cheezy the site was (i mean for gods sake, you get a site that says OH YEAHHHHH in a “"”sexy””” male voice if you click on the shop button like PLS IT DOESNT GET ANY BETTER THAN THIS), and after this, it kinda became this funny(/comfort???) website that i liked to just … go and explore every now and then, re-experience everything in studio 1 and 2, play the silly games, see if any of the web-tv or web-radio stations still worked, watch the dumb cartoons (wazzup is never gonna get old), send myself an e-card for no reason, see if their webcam decided to work yet… and uh… ok im sorta just describing everything on their website again… god, these are all good memories though. who thought i’d be all like “ah yes. a dumb website from the 90’s. CORE MEMORY”??? lul

if it’s not obvious.. i really liked that site, even if the entire purpose of it was just to sell you on their website design. funny, huh? probably worked kinda well for them too, since i showed the site to literally every single person i knew, because the site was just.. that fun to explore.

and now it’s sorta gone. i mean, it’s still there through, and you bet im gonna try to go archive it on my own later, but… it’s hard to get to these days. the site being down is bad enough already, but then i need to get ruffle installed, or use whatever flashpoint uses so i can view the flash stuff natively… ugh…

it’s a shame that the web is so hard to archive. dynamic webapps not loading when saved, plugin-based things just.. being gone, and sites in general just.. disappearing… it’s a shame. (ironically, im part of the problem, but that’s a story for another day… think i touched on it in the “who’s remi” page though.)

well.. i’m gonna go cry now. hopefully, someday, all of the internet will be hosted on ipfs, or something, where sites can’t just.. disappear overnight. atleast we’ve got archives to hold us over?
ughhhhhhh i’m so mad at ipfs though because it’s managed to associate itself with cr*pto and nf*’s,,, Like Why,,, but the good news is that we can atleast still use it for it’s intended purpose and just ignore the whole cr*pto mess…

i wanna go visit my grandma again. due to covid, we haven’t visited her in like.. two years by now? i really hoped i’d see her over new years as things have calmed down by then, but then omicron happened, and due to her husband dying (to covid) a few months earlier, she was.. not in the best mental state to say hi to us. but god, i miss being at her house. honestly, just being at any location i was at when i was younger brings me such comfort… miss the cozy, stress-free times when i was younger, but i guess that’s just how growing up is, huh?