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remi talks about what's up cozy, remivsjapanese - 2022-01-21 22:46

heeeey logang


remi proceeds to become big and round, and then explodes

uhhhhh henlo,,
entire day today. have felt like writing a blog post.
Guess Who Forgor Everything She Was Planning To Write

pov: remi slowly remembers everything that was going down today,, and writes it down. and other funky things::::

let’s see so uhh i was at uni today

things are.. starting up again… JOY actually it’s not that bad
if i dont decide to scrwe myself over like last time,, and you know.. actually study (or in other words, “actually read the two chapters tomorrow and then also. Also Do The Labs U Idiot”,,),, i’ll be good ez clap
and i mean,, honestly.. ccnp3 seemed chill from the labs people were posting in the uni chat… probably LIE but

fuck if i know. maybe all of this will be super ez mode?

so some company visited today. actually that was the only reason we all came to uni today. let’s see opens notes Ah Yes Curitiba (ngl that name is weird but these peeps seemed cool af so i can get over the name. other than several of their slides just being them on kayaks that’s terrifying. but like what they actually work on and all seems chill)
. mainly to go Hey NERDS WANna Work For US??? we’re good :) here have a notebook and a hat (i refused the hat)

and i was forced to take notes for. their visit cause :sparkles: bestie :sparkles: wasnt at uni (it was later revealed bestie was at uni, but hiding. i dont understnad this) which is probably a good thing because this means I Actually Have A Clue What Happened Today!!! Short Term Memory Loss Gang:tm: and also it made me pay attention at all i guess…

so i mean good news uni gang saying “hey guys. there will literally be people wanting to hire u cause we’re a swag shchool” wasnt a lie as they were like. praising the entire class for going to this uni lmFOAo,,, bad news if i join them i need to move to stockholm (pros: i will finally live close to the best thing in sweden, a.k.a HEY STHLM (it’s an arcade with rhythm games). cons: i will become dryg. sidenote: remi does not know what dryg actually means, but if you’re swedish, you’re probably laughing at me writing that.)

where… where was i going with this again? people came to uni. they had a presentation. one hour later we went home, and im more confident in getting a job now. uh. that was it i guess. Sweet

you should play ribbit

this isnt a section in the blog post, this is a command

ok so anyways,,, went outside today. i mean i did for school already but i decided to just take like a 10min break off life to go outside (mainly because i was feeling STRESS AF because of reasons i dont wanna talk about,,, but doing that.. calmed me down ) and the stars. .. , beautiful tonight. i mean honestly so you know what i said about moving. stockholm is an even bigger city than gothenburg (where i used to live),,, and like.. That Sucks

i love where i live rn because no light surround our houses and there’s a tiny forest part here,,, and if u go in the middle of it and look up,, u can see the sky and the stars so clearly

sure it’s not good enough to see more than stars. like i cant see fucking galaxies n shit like i wish i could,,,, but . . . this is infinitely better than where i used to live (on a good day i could see . like. two stars. here it’s hard to count them all, lol)

SO IF I MOVE OUT OF SMALL CITY I LIVE IN RN (not gothenburg or stockholm for that matter),,, And I Move To Large Capital (stockholm),,, yeah uhh my Star Enjoyer:tm: title will go to shit

:( but also,,, i’ll probably have like 50000$ dollar if i get a swag af job like that,,
Which Kinda Means I Can Uhhhhh Do Stupid Shit Like Idfk Take A Train Ride To <middle of nowhere> out of boredom

so.. i guess it evens out???

anyways. play ribbit. good game. approbve

the fuck am i typing about anymore

i think half the reason i wanted to write a blog post today was cause i was like,, fucking terrified today and i just needed to rant

but then slowly i just . Forgor 💀 and well that went well didnt it

oh hey in better news,, , so im making my third attempt at learning japanese!! starting. Now

“remi. what teh fuck does that mean”

so. remis adventures in learning japanese:

attempt 1: no memories available sorry
attempt 2: was going great, remi was practicing every day, but with a kinda shit resource. failed due to getting off track of studying every day when gf visited my house for christmas like two years back
attempt 3: oooh what is this tae kim guide. im motivated let’s study this

Pov: Remi Fails Her Ccnp3 Due To Reading Japanese Guide Instead

fucking weeb i s2g

anyways i’ve . i’ve completely :forgor: why i was here anymore

did you know : remi is a chara x asriel shipper

what does this have to do with anything? i dont know. anyways (no seriously my mind has gone blank this blog post has just become bullshit at this point)

so uhh

idk let’s hope in a year im still studying japanese… knowing me this wont last more than two weeks though LOL (if i continue i will keep u all updated in occasional blog posts.) lol!!

remi out!!

hello reader i love you personally uwu