took a walk

remi looks at some stars, life is cozy cozy, image - 2022-01-25 23:29

pov: remi goes to the middle of nowhere

remi is on a train to nowhere

remi gets off said train

remi sits around for an hour

it's ok she's got time to find a good spot to vibe

spot found

i feel like pointing out i was peer pressured into downloading snapchat and i didnt have it until the day before yesterday

(an hour passes)

this looks so pretty. dont know how i managed to fuck the camera settings up enough to make it look like this, but... good job, me!

overexposed sunset

cozy stars. totally not edited.

stars with rainbow colors somehow

bonus pic of bnuuy literally just ~ vibin ~

cute rabbit is asleep next to cute plushie

this was really cozy. should do something like this again someday.
"remi, there's literally no context to what the hell you even did!!!!"
uhh so i had this 24hr ticket right. cause i had theraphy today. and with the right app you can get one of those for cheaper than a "normal" ticket when i have to travel between home and [place where theraphy is]
so i thought i'd abuse the ticket and go to somewhere where there's less light pollution (conveniently ~15min away by train)
and so i did. it was super cozy. 8/10, very cozy, bit too cold though.

next up i go to the literal middle of nowhere instead of just figurative middle of nowhere so i get to see like. galaxies n shit too

completely unrelated fun fact! did you know my computer pretty much Always Reports Me As Offline, as it actually never sleeps? i guess.. i guess that's a good thing, because that means i dont need a separate server to run some other scripts i need to have running in the bg 24/7, but it's annoying since the one that says if im online or not runs .. uh, 24/7. oop