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remi summarizes her month. .. or something cozy, remivsjapanese - 2022-01-31 16:01

“remi don’t put every blogpost in the cozy category challenge (impossible)”


we’ve.. made it thru the first month of the year. and so far, it’s not worse than 2021! that’s impressive. ww3 hasn’t happened… yet… and omicron seems to be bettering itself.
huh. that’s. that’s good! so far. so far. everything is gonna go downhill nextmonth like watch me predict this

anywas enough immediate depression, this blogpost is tagged cozy, dammit :>

so uhhHHHHh what has happened this month.

uni.. has started properly, now. two weeks into ccnp3 and my graduation-essay-thing..
so far, ccnp3 has mainly been eigrp and repetition, and my essay.. uh… what essay?

im chill with this tho. cuz. uh. sorta forgot how to study for the first two weeks… so im busy catching up on eigrp, which i was kinda blessed with the ability to do, due to this week being bgp repetition, and last week being ospf repetition.
notably, we did both of this just before this course. (actually, wait, no we didnt, ccnp2 happened.. i forgor :skull:)

and like, hhhh that’s?? it ?? Oh Yeah Right We Had Tests Too but i wrote two entire posts about those . so uhh. highkey feel i can skip writing about those :^)

Oh SHit Something Major happened,,,,,
so like. apparently our apartment is owned by new people now. (i just got a letter about this today.. lol) That’s A Lil Uncomfortable Lmfao,,, or is it?? like.
the old guy who ran this place. he was. total boomer. but a nice boomer. he notably did Absolutely Fucking Nothing, but atleast he was nice yknow.

so the good news:

bad news:

(I ACTUALLY THINK THEY’RE RIGHT OUTSIDE MY DOOR RN LIKE. i ordered delivery and heard a knock. which wasnt for me it was some other dude with a fancy logo on his shirt i Think That Was Uhhhhhh hThem saying hi to . people i guess)
so that’s. a lil scary. but might end up being good in the end???? who fucking knows xdddddd

what else happened this month. (ok it’s been a really slow month !!! things are just starting up)

oh yeah, i started out doing japanese,, Again

this deserves its own section Okay

actually quick tangent. why the fuck is my delivery driver AT MY SCHOOL RIGHT NOW,, WAHT THE SHIT MY HOUSE IS IN THE OTHER DIRECTION??? R U OK

ok right continuing on,,,

im doing japanese,,, at like. 50000% seriousness this time. im doing the uhh,, combination tae kim grammer guide, wanikani for practice kanji, bunpro for practice the grammar i read,, and then ringotan for practice the writing
which is probably like. a shitload on my plate, which might just speedrun burning me out, we’ll see

..probably not yet,, i havent started with the grammar stuff so.. it’s a lil calm rn. but notably, compared to the last time i tried to learn japanese, i now actually can visualize and draw the letters, instead of just recognizing them. That’s A Good Thing

so whatever’s gonna go down, it’s improvement!! :)

(“remi dont you need to worry about . speech and listening too” this is correct. but i will worry about that another day >_<)

oh Yeahhhhh Right So Cellphones N Shit AMiRite

remi vs carrying two phones at the same time

so that . ringotan app. i heard good things about it. it trains writing. notably u write with a PEN

i realized i had this cellphone known as Samsung Galaxy Note 9 (buy today #sponsored (/j/j/j/j/j/j)) sitting in my . uh . not closet. weird tiny drawer,,, Anyways
so my <male father figure> got me said phone right. dunno why he just sent me it with some photos from when i was like 6 let’s not question it,,, and anyways. i set it up as a psuedo pda (tl;dr removed every single bloatware and phone function on it,, but kept like. pen apps) and then promptly forgot about it because it’s not an iphone 12 mini and it’s uncomfortable as fuck to hold



also i got this new hoodie with like a huge ass pocket so i can carry the phone somewhere,, and it came with this wallet case that conveniently holds the only two cards i actually use (government id + uni id), so i can leave my wallet at home now

that’s uh, sorta it though,,, i probably wont use this phone for more than japanese stuff. and uh. browsing internet if my main phone dies?? ig???

new years resolutions???

oh god i’ve forgotten all of these what were they??

  1. get good at etterna
    (i’ve not played etterna for the past week)
  2. get urself safe space
    (this is going ok, i think)
  3. stop taking shit
    (this is going well)
  4. i forgot the rest, they were probably stupid anyway

so . that’s . positive,, i think

ok ending notes im running out of writing steam

wtf was this month? i feel like im not gonna remember this, like. year can start in march or something instead..

some fun stuff is happening next month/early future though.

next month, my mom and my lil bros birthdays are coming up, which is super exciting! c:
also, a boba shop is opening here. (in two days!!! letes fucking go!!!!!!!! i missed boba from moving out lol)

uhh,, neon white is coming out which looks like a hype af game

and probably some other stuff i already forgot >w<

eh, it’s fine. we’ll find out when it happens :)

ok, remi out!