uhm excuse me what the fuck

???? cozy, i forgor, remivsjapanese - 2022-02-12 19:22

so for whatever reason i decided to start watching madoka (like 11 years late,,, yknow,, as i do)

im one episope in and so far all i’ve got is Uhm excuse me what teh fuck am i watching

oh also i need to put images to like, thre eblog posts (that includes this one oh god oh fuck,,)


anyways see u in a week or two for electric boogaloo of this post where im traumatized by madoka (*note: remi knows Fuck All about madoka, other than. 1. it will traumatize you, 2. kyubei is evil 3. homura did nothing wrong,,, notably i have no context for these either so uhh i dont know why . any of this is No Spoilers Ok haha jk i dont have comments.. and the guestbook is off temporarily so it’s okay :)

<vspcp></vspcp> <- notably still invalid html5

hi welcome to my blog post

so fun fact in sweden we have this app called “riktiga vykort” which . translates to “REAL POSTCARDS” yea h good stuff right,,,
it lets u uhh,,, send people.. postcards.. anonymously…

I’ve Sent Two People (including my mom) Shitposts Physically So Far

This is AMAZING,,, anyways after sending /es to my mom i immediately ran out of ideas so if you have any good memes to send please drop them in the comments below

oh uhhh

(remi then proceeds to forget about hte blogpost for A WEEK LIKE A HECKING IDIOT anyways)

the blog post but for realsies this time

uhm so what has gone down the … last.. few.. things

this is somewhat a lie because yesterday and Also Today I Guess i’ve not been at home,, and i highkey completely forgot about doing japanese…. (flashbacks to the time gf came to my house 2 years ago, i forgot about doing japanese because of the occasion and hten never got into it again for two years) Uh Oh
on a more /srs note tho it’s been going. Good Actually :)
i know words like. 大きい and 大した so now i can successfully write about how big things are. Problem: i do not know japanese grammar
(canned laughter)

i guess that’s why i write these in the first place because GOD MY MEMORY IS BAD i mean i managed to forget about this site for ???? two weeks or so ??? that is a lie i didnt forget it’s more “oh god i havent updated my site in two weeks” STARTS PANICKING which is funny because recently i’ve been making things without any intent ever to actually update them, so i dont stress myself the heck out !!! (lol)

can we get a POGGERS in the notes???? (is that how mastodon misskey works?)
so uhm, if you wanna hmu on the ~ social medias ~ it’s ! federation ftw!! (sadly u dont get to enjoy my 4000 Twitter Shitposts but it’s ok just wait approximately three years and they’ll be there)

so if you’re an EPIC RHYTHM GAMER like me ,, and you’ve ever owned an android phone, you might have played the classic stepmania clone “Beats Portable” (i can call it classic. the game is like fucking 12 years old.),,, and somehow, this has forever remained the best stepmania clone (lets see the alternatives. beatX or whatever it’s called . is too like, slow feeling, and the gameplay just feels off idfk. malody isnt even stepmania. oh . the clones end there.)


“While Beats is now under a modified BSD license, please do NOT fork the original source code, for sanity reasons.”


anyways the game is now 50% more playable and has like, ratemods n shit
i’ll publish v1 (actually v1.1 but v1 is exclusive to like three people on my discord friends list) Whenever I Finish Converting Some Noteskins (this will take 3-40 business days because i am incredibly fucking lazy!!!)

no fuck you i am infact dedicating a section of the blog-update-thing to HOW CUTE MY BUNBUN IS
so like,, for the past month,, maybe a lil more,, i’ve been just . removing the “cage” part of his house, so he can just. freely, whenever hop out and explore the epicness that is my room. i mean, he’s usually been able to do this, but now he gets to do it when im not at home too, and it probably feels less claustrophobic or whatever. (dont worry, any electrical things he can kill himself on are either protected or way out of reach…)
anyways some notes on this.
+ he has slowly started coming up to me when im going to bed to say hi. so far he isnt sticking around, but he comes here, demands pats, runs away, comes back (but next to my bed instead of on it) which is ADORABLE
+ generally seems 50x more comfortable and is flopping all the time (god i should have done this earlier)
- there is now rabbit poop all over my floor. there already was rabbit poop all over my floor, but there is now considerably more of it. (oh well, it’s okay, it’s not too hard to clean, as it’s usually dry and easy to just pick up and yeet somewhere.) atleast he doesnt pee on it lol

okay, this is probably on me somehow, but … figured out why half the site was broken now, and why half the folders in /var/www contained a wp-admin out of nowhere :p
site deleted, peace restored to equestria??? i dont know… i’ll investigate a bit more, but i think im safe for now…? (if anything, this is a good time to run a apt-update and reboot the server…)
Notably i dont think this blogpost has context for what i mean by the site was broken. you will never know. i will never provide context for this.

now seems like a good time to go watch another episode. time to go do that, i guess..? toodles, blog-o people~ (take care!!! rememebr: you are cute and valid!)