remi's lighter

remi talks about a fucking lighter. what have her blog posts come to?? cozy, image - 2022-02-22 22:22

fun fact!

i’ve never smoked in my life. neither have i really ever owned a lighter. (i dont think i even got to buy one up until i became 18 (i.e two-ish years ago), and other than “ARSON = FUNNY” jokes… i’ve never really wanted to buy one either…

yet, this thing exists.

lighter gif
oops, i broke the gif >_<
i’ll fix it in a bit ok !!

uhm, how i got this is… vauge? how im still holding onto it is vauger.
but, i think the story goes, “when remi was at a young age, she had a childhood friend. said childhood frens mom smoked a ton. at one point, remi saw her cool blinky lighter, and asked if i could have it (in my defense i was like Young Very at that point and didnt know what manners were), and i got it”… either that, or thomas (some dude my dad knew when i was younger and we used to hang out with a ton, but we’ve slowly dropped contact due to.. my dad…) gave me it, cause that dude has all kinds of funky trinkets (srsly, he has an entire extra apartment just for Like A Billion Trinkets And Projects… but also, he stole my moms bike, so .. not too fond of him for reasons unrelated to my dad, lol)

uhm. where was i? oh yeah, i managed to get that lighter, somehow.
oh! also! it used to have a fourth light. i think it broke really quickly. i barely remember it, other than, if you twisted it a lot, you could get it to work. i think it blinked green? emphasis on think, though…

and… uh, since then, it’s sorta just… stuck around. forever. i think it’s the oldest item i still own, Probably older than my second phone (i got a phone at a very young age, and other than a few i’ve given away and one i lost, i’ve always made sure to keep my older ones around, leading to me having Like 10 Phones in a drawer somewhere)… but i’ve yknow… never managed to lose it.

yeah this is where the item just goes to “black magic” status, because it’s survived me moving Like Four Times, me losing it multiple times, but still just appearing out of nowhere. sadly “remi talking about moving four times” is out of the whole Funky Discussion bit, because i have trash memory, but… after not knowing where the thing was for the last two years (probably more, i havent seen this thing in ages, even before i moved), it just.. appeared in a bag when i was going home from my moms place a few weeks ago.

yes, obviously, my mom found it and put it in there, it’s not literal black magic, but … i hadent seen that thing for ages before that, and i have no clue where my mom found it. (but as we all know, moms also have some sort of black magic for when it comes to finding things)
oh, and how the heck does this thing still hold a charge???? ik, it’s not been used much, but you’d think the battery would just slowly die over the years. (actually, does it still light things..? lemme check real quick… remi goes over to the lighter nope. it has a lil dial at the bottom, i could try messing with that later, but the only life left in this thing are the blinky lights… but also, that’s the only thing i’ve only cared about, as the flame-part of lighters used to scare me as a child…)

fufufu, maybe this is just life deciding to be a little nice to me, knowing i have some strange for blinky lights, just going “yeah, remi can have a little blinky lights, just as a treat.”

oh, we’re doing more updates?

oh also listen to dog casino Actually In Fact . .. . it’s been like,, 5 months since deltarune ch2 came out.
i havent exactly talked?? about deltarune?? or undertale much??? at all?? here???? but ?? it’s like my favourite game ever??
and ,… as im writing this, im rewatching the “ut 6th anniversary so we play drch1 for some reason” stream… or more like, listening to the first 30 minutes of the stream where it’s just some cool rare/unused/scrapped UT/DR music for like half an hour… and then when im done writing this blog post maybe the stream will have started for real :P
but… yknow, remembering undertale is like. A THING and remembering watching this stream… almost half a year ago… probably the only good part of 2021. (other than my gf moving in with me <3)


not a remi vs japanese update

haha, guess what, my schedule has been quickly thrown over for jp :D
…or well, i got to my moms place for (actually i’ve been at her place twice now and i forgot what was happening the first time so ????????) but uhh,,, being there and like Being Very Relaxed i forgot to do anything jp related, and now my schedule has been wack for a while. DOES THIS REMIND YOU OF ANYTHING????

…trying to get the schedule back on track though, and i’ve been making steady progress on that the last two days. :D

also, i’ve (for… hopefully real this time!) picked 2022’s rhythm game of choice. it’s BMS! or well specifically beatoraja with a fancy ass controller i bought a few years back ANYWAYS
goal is to get good at bms . this year. right. wanna get into doing INSANE bms (spelled uppercase),, which im making steady progress towards! rn im at the 10’s (because i was playing iidx with this thing before), and hopefully i can get into 11’s and 12’s soon enough…
oh right, the whole point of this! So.

i wanna track my progress on .. my cool two hobbies for Extreme Motivation And Such (epic), on like,, a every-week-sunday type basis. so i did that. last week. and then i forgot to make a blogpost or write it down anywhere but my notes app.

plan was actually just to post it on fedi (did i tell you guys i left twitter? if not, i did. best descision ever, fedi is way cozier… come there <3)

but.. guess i’ll drop it here instead! except. i’ll probably change the format for next weeks. we’ll see~

wanikani guru+: 79
bearoraja normal2 lv10: 24/??

yup. great counters. i’ll make them better…. next tiem…

until next time!~

stay cozy :3
you might have noticed that my blog posts have been slowing down a little, and uhh… i’ve been severely been lacking in banner images… at all…
tl;dr “lmfao my mentals have been Shit lately and i’ve forgotten to like do anything whatsoever” (laugh), but im starting to do a ton better >w<

bad news is that i dont think im gonna do every-like-three-days blog posts like i did the first month. oh no. what a shame. (it’s ok, instead you’ll get slightly longer blog posts. (wOAH an entire 300-ish more words than the usual remi blogpost!!!! WOWZ0RZ) and i mean, go follow me on fedi if u want remi 24/7 updates. Right Now)

oh! right! watch the freaking stream!!! also i need to implement mfm in my blog lolz

OHOHOH ALSO HAPPY 22 / 02 / 22 - 22:22:22 !!!!1

…remi out ! i love ya’ll~
(yes, especially you, random stranger, reading this blog post. especially you.)