she do be motd tho remi b online doe The current mood of remilia at what? im obsessed with the moon? NOoooooo

welcome home~

you approach the light, and the light welcomes you.
welcome to my website! i hope you'll enjoy your stay here :3


where do i go from here?

so all the interesting stuff on my website is on the blog and "the goods" page...
alternatively, if you wanna see anything but this website, i've got a list of cool other sites under the links page!
oh, and there's a few other pages, too.. explore them on your own? im not gonna write down what all the pages are, that'd ruin it :p

what is this site, who are you?

henlo, i'm remi! this is my website!

i mean that's an answer but you're not being very helpful here

(she doesn't know how to write about herself...)
so uhh,,, anyways... hey look, it's the site's latest updates!
that'll keep them distracted.. right...????

site updates

2022-04-14: whelp, it's been a while since the last site update... lately i've been feeling kinda motivated to overhaul some stuff here though - i mean... blog hasnt been updated that much lately since i've just been posting on fedi A LOT (FOLLOW ME, and i wanna update some of the graphics around here... so i might get to that soon-ish. also, i did a server upgrade, and now php is broken. oops! i'll fix that,,, soon-ish :> peace out for now though. will get new stuff soon! including beatstyperIPROMISE
2022-03-18: if you're reading this, please bug me to add "beats type-r" to my site already. oh, also, over past-little-while, stamina trainer has been upgraded quite a bit!
2022-03-02: new good added! stamina trainer o_o
2022-02-22: happy funny number day! new blog post~
2022-02-12: i remembered the site exists! new blog post~
2022-02-01: changed all the blog links, teehee *wink* (it wont happen again, im sorry!!!)
2022-01-29: half a new good. web radio stations :D except it's just one rn...
2022-01-25: breaking news!!! remi touched grass
2022-01-21: blog post but im too lazy and tired to link it,, sorry!!! go look in the blog page...
2022-01-16: new page over at the goods, rated the site WEB-14, and a new blog post to top it off!
2022-01-14: new blog post~
2022-01-12: more text edited to say the right year, and a new page over at the goods!
2022-01-11: hover text, realizing the site updates said 2021 when it's actually 2022, webring added to / and /links/
2022-01-10: new blog post + minor css changes
2022-01-09: several bug fixes for the guestbook (oh also i finished the rest of the pages)
2022-01-07: remi can't decide whether some bordered things should have sharp corners or not. Find Out Tomorrow (it's 3am as of writing) Good Night Website uwu
2022-01-06: site isn't actually launched yet. but today i added the site updates section!