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my frens & cuties sites~

cutie also a cutie!

ariri's site - hi ari, i love you :3
yariri's site - make sure to disable js before you enter :> - oomf's site! under construction rn, owo

cool sites!

here's a bunch of really neat sites i've found. explore them all c:
(also, hover the images for a small blurb about them!)

"remi are you just gonna link to every single site you find that looks cool" yes and you cant stop me

oh, and here's a few that didnt have fancy images :p - bro you ever just hate microsoft??? - einya! einya! - oh... he just like me...


and here's a bunch of (free) useful stuff!
this... may or may not contain several repeats of the info found over at "the goods" :p

imood - hey so you saw that mood thing on my homepage right????
miniwahost - Shoutouts To My Own Webhost For Providing Awesome Free Hosting
there's also neocities,,,,, they also have free webhosting.. you might have heard of it,,..
oh! there's cloudflare pages too, notably features: really, really, really fast
visual studio code - the bestest code editor,,, mainly because of the plugins...
speaking of plugins... github copilot... is in closed beta... but is the most useful plugin i've ever used...
jekyll - templating for html that gets out of your way (and is blog-friendly)
gimp - the only good image editor.. in my own, blatantly incorrect opinion.
davinci resolve - arguably better than windows movie maker!
imageoptim - make your images smol, and your page vroom~
(web version for non-mac systems.. unsure if this one does lossless compression though!)
yt-dlp - download any video, from any website (other than like.. netflix..)
ffmpeg - convert between literally any format ever
w3schools - tutorials for everything related to making websites


or "remi's favourite games and other such things"

etterna - 4k go brrrrrrrrrrr
that is it, etterna is the only game i play

ok fine have a link to deltarune too i guess
oh and vrchat...

webring! is part of the yesterweb webring, so why not go explore the other websites in the webring?
i mean, that's highkey the point of a webring...

shoutouts to my webring-neighbors xyzzyzzyzx and evergreen n_n

oh! im also in the fediring!!!!

// Fediring //

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