remi's shortcut collection

(for your ios/macos device but half of them don't work properly on macos)

yeah so it turns out with the shortcuts app being added they actually did something good for once
It’s Like Tasker But It’s Literally Tasker (oh and the interface is a little less obtuse than tasker i guess… that part is nice… doesn’t make up for the Considerably Less Features Than Tasker but that barely matters considering half the freaking features in tasker have probably been broken by newer android versions by now anyway…)

speedrun navigation:

original shortcuts

modified shortcuts

original shortcuts

the e. collection

(i dont know why i called it “e.” lmao)

e. are a couple of shortcuts combined with a lil menu i’ve bound to my back tap function, though they can be used independantly too, if you’d like?
also, the menu is modular and all that, so you can totes add your own stuff to it :)

image of the shortcuts

features include:

download today! or dont!


this ones very simple.
make a screen recording of something you wanna sample (for music production, or maybe video editing?), click this shortcut, and your screen recording is deleted and turned into an audio file on your clipboard you can paste into apps that support the audio pasteboard~ (…i.e “most music apps and anything with audiocopy”)


tone dictionary

tone dictionary screenshot

ever get lost in the /p’s and /s’s of the internet? me too, atleast when the only tone indicator i knew about was /s because reddit loved to use that when i was still active there (“like five years ago”)

anyways, this one let’s you quickly search up tone indicators you haven’t heard before!


cozy zone

personal shortcut i use for calming myself down. you’ll probably wanna modify this one quite a bit before use.



coming whenever i bother to upgrade the server-side part of this to use yt-dlp instead of like a half-year-old version of youtube-dl, and also Not Be On My Old Website Im Shutting Down

modified shortcuts

(i.e ones i didn’t make, but they sucked out of the box, so i made them less bad)

battery saver

is the battery in your tiny iphone 12 mini too small? or are you holding out on a iphone se??? angry with apple in general for not making battery life a priority until a generation after you bought your phone????? Well Have I Got A Sol-hahaha i literally just have this for emergencies

yeah uhh this shortcut is basically a “i cant turn my phone off, but airplane mode is still fine”-type battery saver. it turns off literally everything it can think off, and does some other silly stuff like reduce white point and disable screen motion.

a last resort if you’re stuck somewhere without a charger.