your window is too small to fit the entire game ui. please make it atleast 800x600!
...or if you're on a phone... why?

i'll... add a button to bypass this, later on.
for masochists, ya know.
but for now, im too lazy to do that, and the game doesnt work anyway, so... toodles!

0 combo
early Perfect+ Perfect Good Bad ~ get ready ~ Miss late
so yeah this page is a huge todo.
BY REMI 2022 or something like that.
if it's completely broken... please tell me, but also, this is a hilariously early version, so bugs are to be expected.
remilia (at) remilia (dot) se is my email, or hmu xmpp at remi (at) snug (dot) moe :3
this page is also a huge todo.
but,,, here's the first youtube result for 'gamer hand warmup' i found.
you should probably do this before you attempt to destroy your hand streaming for 30 minutes.
v0.4 changelog:
- An Actual Noteskin (will be customizable before release v1.0)
- cmod! yaaay~
- prolly something else lmfao i forgor :skull

v0.3 changelog:
- added a changelog page
- polished the ui... a tiny bit
- de-spaget some code
- dynamic difficulty system
- settings menu! with.. a bunch of settings. check em out. 
- hitsounds! ... in the settings menu.
- beanes bug fixed. i hope

v0.2 changelog:
- added a custom mode
- added warmup page, about page
- update menus after quitting game
- combo glows yellow after you've 100% (300 combo) a ... uh, speed

v0.1 changelog:
- added menu, ui, pasted in game code from streaming_the_game
- basically everything not listed above
- fun fact! this version spanned 2021 to 2022, and survived the domain change from (my old site) to remiiiiii.online.
- that was due to me making the fancy menu, and then getting bored.
- ...and then remembering this exists, several months later.
scroll speed: cmod :D
receptor placement (in px):
use old noteskin:
metronome (also not implemented yet):
input offset (in ms):
visual offset (in px):

pov: remi speedruns a user menu (will be improved before 1.0 hits) lmao
click this to export your save file
click this to import your save file
click this to delete your save file
click this to set your username