woah, it's remi!

who is this remrem???

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henlo! im remilia. or more commonly, remi, the webmisstress around this place~
remi's brain immediately fails as she realizes she has to write things about herself i'm remi! 20-something-yr gal (she/her) who's a huge nerd (and also really stupid)
i'm going to end copilots life
copilot Really, Really wants you to know i like coding and bideo bames
...both of those are lies...
oh, i suppose i could actually list off some interests!

remi's 11/10 list of interests

remi at work, colorized (1942)
  • web developement (500% less painful than programming~)
  • networking (mainly because i study it... ccnp is fun!)
  • rhythm games. all of them. especially etterna.
  • being asleep (what do you mean that isnt an interest...)
  • anime (slice of life anime and nothing else)
  • ok i lied studying is miserable but networking is still fun
  • vrchat! after it takes me like 20 minutes to muster up energy to go into vr...
  • also, i have this weird obsession with pretty lights and staring at stars for no reason
    • srsly you can catch me just staring at a lamp like im a moth out of nowhere
    • is that bad????
    • do i have to be a mothgirl now??? nooo, i wanted to be a catgirl...
    • oh well, a moth isnt half bad either. they have cute wings!!

basically, im a weirdo. but let's be real, if you've found my website, so are you...

...maybe if you've found me cool so far, you'd wanna say hi? if so, here's a few ways of contacting me!

so why is tsukasa on this page twice

idk i set her as my pfp once and i guess im legally obligated to kin her now or something

remi's webdev chronicles

oh, fun fact! i've had quite a few websites over the years. this one's a bit of a fresh start though, so as of writing... there probably isn't that much content on the site... sorry ! and if i forget to edit this page for a while, maybe this is wrong and there's a ton of content? who knows! (hi from early 2022!)

...what? you wanna know about my older sites? mmh, i'd rather not.
honestly, half the reason i have a new site is because i have a new name/identity on the internet these days, but also... older site was associated with some stuff i don't like anymore. like srsly, you could search up a (thankfully, now defunct) cult (that was associated with some... let's just tl;dr it at "really toxic" things), and one of the results would be my website since i was quite involved in it back then... ;-;
but hey, new site, new year, all that... new me, right?

oh, actually, we could talk about the sites i had before that!
...around, i'd wanna say... 2016? i made my first proper website. i'm not naming it, as the websites name was basically "", and sadly all the fun things on it have been lost to time anyway...
but some of the things i remember having on there, were: some weird treasure hunt i did for my school, involving 100 (closer to 20) weird questions, or mini-games you'd have to solve/beat to continue to the next one... eventually, i got bored of making it, and just ended it at 20 or so... but someone actually won it, and got the awesome price of like.. a kilogram of candy. (1kg of candy was very priced among 8th graders, though...)

oh, and when i was r e a l l y y o u n g, my dad introduced me to ms frontpage... ironically, i tend to have a terrible memory, but this is something i remember from being very young...
the site specifics are kinda.. God Knows (i mean, what could a at-the-time-like-7-yr-old-without-programming-experience do?) what actually was on the site, i mainly remember linking to a bunch of other pages, mainly SVT's melodifestivalen, and bolibompa-games (public service stuff), and probably spelo too :p
sadly, that site is lost 5ever to time, as while it was intended to be published, my dad never figured that out. and you bet 7yr-old me was too dumb for it, lol now 11yrold me, that mf got a laptop, downloaded visual basic, and uploaded the Best Programming Tutorial You've Ever Seen lAMkdsmskmfkLSDkfl (IT WAS TERRIBLE)

these days though... what the heck is the internet anymore? i dont know. it's a mess, with social media sites just being 90% of the internet for most people these days...
kinda lame, in my opinion. it's a shame too, cause web developement really isn't that hard these days, especially since you can just open something like weebly (ooh, i had a weebly site at one point too!) and instantly make a super-fancy-site there... or if you want something more (or less, ironically) advanced, html and css are.. not the hardest to learn... hey, why not make a site of your own? if young-idiot-me managed to do it, so can you :)
it's 500000% cooler than a twitter profile, anyways~ and you're helping re-decentralize the internet... and like... other cool things... trust me it's fun!

anyways here are some blinkies i blatantly stole from other sites

night person trans rights!! heckyeah!!! me_irl You know im realizing writing a meme as alt text isnt very helpful since this is supposed to be for like assistive screen readers and all that ... so uhh hello person either digging through the html or using a screen reader! how are you doing :) here is some exclusive fanservice just for you: you're amazing!!!!!! ok anyways back to my regularly scheduled 'having the alt text make no sense' ok so why isnt there a blinkie that just says 'kin assignment' +1 cool point if you get it

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